Saturday, December 17, 2011

Latest cards received via Postcrossing

Long time no see, everyone :D Work is keeping me busy. But here are finally the latest cards I received via Postcrossing, enjoy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cards via private trade received in the first week of November

These are some true beauties and I am SO grateful to Elaine and Bonnie for sending them to me :D I now finally own my first Jetoy cards, I had longed for some for a while now and this dream has come true, yay!!! Here are my newest treasures!!

cards from Bonnie in China

cards from Elaine in China

full "Letter S Anime" deco received via RoundRobin in ADW

Did I ever mention how much I love Round Robins? Well, I'm screaming it out now, haha XD I always enjoyed taking part in this very organized way of swapping decos.. because there is that 100% certainty that you will receive your full deco soon, and I am sure underlining that "receive" :]

On November 7th I received a full deco finshed via RR in the yahoo group AnimeDecoWorld, that I had started in June 2011. Very happy about having it back so quickly, here is the scan of the cover:

A BIG thank you to the signers: Matilde, Teresa, Pattie, Akmi and Korni! You rock!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new viewcards of Romania that I bought ^^

And.. once again I discovered some new cards of Romania :] Here they are, enjoy!

Postcrossing cards received in the first week of November

Here are the lovely cards I received in the first week of November, enjoy!

card from Yuwen (USA) received on November 7th

card from Hilkka (FI) received on November 2nd 2011

card from Betty (IT) received on November 4th 2011

card from Ksenia (RU) received on November 3rd 2011

card from Marco (NL) received on November 4th 2011

card from Albert (BE) received on November 7th 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Poscrossing cards received in the second half of October 2011

I haven't updated the received Postcrossing cards in a while now, so here comes a bigger update ;P Enjoy!

card from Stefan (CH) rec. on October 18th

card from Louise (F) rec. on October 26th

card from Margaretha (FI) rec. on October 25th

card from Maris (EE) rec. on October 18th

card from Norbert (NL) rec. on October 21st

card from Sara (USA) rec. on October 25th

Saturday, October 15, 2011

full Men in dresses deco received on October 13th :D

Yes, another deco I had made ages ago (that meaning back in 2004) has reached me safely after its long travel around the world :] And once more, it's a deco that has been rescued by the greatest group in the Y! Groups history, ODAH! (that I'm also a proud member of)

I had made this deco in June 2004, and altough it took quite a long time for it to gather 4 signers (I never add many pages in decos, as it takes forever as it is, especially in case of more unusual themes like this one), I'm happy to have it back :]

A BIG THANK YOU to the kind signers:
Raven in Germany
Ulrike in Germany
Anja in Germany
Kerstin in Austria

And yes, I do consider the 13th a lucky day every month :P Also, I'm totaly aware of my lack of creativity and deco materials back then...

Postcrossing cards received on October 10th, 13th and 14th

Here are the cards I received on October 10th, 13th and 14th, enjoy!

from Jeff in the USA (10.10.2011)

from Rom in the Netherlands (14.10.2011)

from Maxim in Russia (13.10.2011)

from Anna in Poland (14.10.2011)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cards via private trade received on September 30th and October 5th

I have received some wonderful cards via private trade as well the past days and I wanted to share them with you :] Enjoy!

from Natali in the Ukraine (5.10)

from Sodachi in Japan (30.09)

from Elaine in China (30.09)