Friday, May 20, 2011

cards received today, May 20th 2011

Today I received the thrid Postcrossing card in a row from Finland ;] Awesome one too ;] I love childrens' books illustrations ;]

And this beauty here is my 5th cards received form Manuela in Germany, thank you so much, dear! Love it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

decos made and signed in the first half of May

These are the decos I made and signed during the first 2 weeks of May ;] Enjoy!

"Asian monuments" art deco via Asiafandecos

"Asian monuments" art deco 2 via Asiafandecos

"Asian People" art deco via EuropeArtDecos

"Odd Themes PAP" art deco via EuropeArtdecos (back side)

entry in "Anything vintage" art deco

entry in "Famous Buildings" deco

entry in "Vintage old people" art deco

entry in "At the Beach" art deco

enty in "PAP favourite celebrities" deco

entry in "PAP favourite celebrities" deco

entry in "Vintage officers" art deco

entry in "White flowers" art deco

"Legendary Celebrities" deco via celebrity_decos

Odd Themes PAP art deco via EuropeArtdecos (front side)

ATCs made in May 2011

Here are the ATCs I made so far this month ;] Enjoy! All are made via EuropeArtDecos @ Yahoo groups. Sorry for the poorer quality, pics taken with my mobile phone.

Windmills ATC 1

Windmills ATC 2

Asian People ATC 1

Asian People ATC 2

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hundertwasserhaus Wien, Austria

I bought these in 2010. Enjoy!

new viewcards of Romania I discovered a few days ago ;]

These are a bit larger than the usual A6. Also, they are not square, but rectangles. I really love the 3D surfaces, they have 2 different types of glossy paper. And they cost exactly as much as the normal ones ;] Plus - the vintage style is awesome ;] Enjoy! And let me know if you would like to receive one of these!

cards received from Ingrid in Holland :]

I received these 3 wonderful viewcards from Holland on May 9th ;] Thank you, Ingrid, I so love them ;] You picked out exactly my favourite type of cards!

the last 2 cards I received from Manuela in Germany ;]

One reached me the day before yesterday and one today, Manuela, you amaze me with all the cards you're sending, thank you soooo much! danke! <3

Postcrossing card from Finland received today ;]

Today I received this nice Postcrossing card from Finland, it has a free sample of the shown perfume, on the back. And it smells awesome, totally ameks me want to go out and buy it XD but I see a financial problem there, so I'll stick with putting this on my future "want to buy" list ;]

Friday, May 6, 2011

Iittala honeyshed Postcrossing card from Finland received today ;]

Today I received a vrey interesting card from Finland - It shows the honeyshed in Iittala ;] There are some awesome things there - also a cool glass design centre for example..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Australia Postcrossing card received today :D

Today I received a wonderful card from Australia showing the Blue Mountains. Big thank you to Don (Deege07)

Read more about the Blue Mountains!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Viewcards of Germany Part I.

Here is the first part of my German viewcards - there are more, they will be scanned and uploaded the coming months :]

Stolberg - thank you Manuela for this great card!

The witches flying to the Harz mountain to kick out winter :P thank you, Manuela!

 Cards form Kerstin:
Kaiserdom St. Peter & St. Georg in Bamberg

Franken (Franconia)
to quote the card: "Franconia, situated in the northern part of Bavaria, is not only stronghold of the beer,
but also shines with its castles, caves, wonderful sceneries and unique frankish cosiness."

View from the East on the Cathedral of Bamberg

Views of Bamberg

Views of Nürnberg

Views of Nürnberg

Views of Nürnberg

Views of Nürnberg

Views of Nürnberg

Views of Regensburg

Views of Regensburg

Views of Saarbrücken (visited in 1998)

School Museum Nordwürttemberg - this museum lies in Kornwestheim ;]

old views of Besigheim (1926) a card received form a former penpal many years ago

Organ in the Cathedral of Trier (visited 1999)

Chapel in the Cathedral of Trier