Sunday, July 22, 2012


You can see a pic here, that shows a huge lack of respect!
Who among you has facebook, or has a blog, please help me spread this photo,
as this is totally awful!

THIS is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to treat MAIL! The Romanian mail service totally
pissed me off! They returned the 2 envies back to me on Thursday, one at least
still had the group swap deco in it, but the other one, that had contained 100g
beautiful FBs, came back EMPTY!!!! I will press charges, not because I actually
expect for much to change, but this must be made public! Please share the post
and help me spread the word! Let´s make the system change its ways! As I am sure
there have been problems like this in other countries as well! For me it is not
the first experience of the kind! And I will not surrender without a fight this
time!!!They do use machines for sorting mail, yes... an employee at the post
office today told me I should send all envies in bubble wrap envies or pay extra
to register all mail. I see the point, but then again, why should that be
NECESSARY? They should be able to process priority mail safely too without such
things happening :( and without people having to pay extra for things that are
basic customer service... They do not work for free, after all. It´s not like
they´re doing us a favor! It´s not a privilege, it´s a right!

If you´re with me and if you have experienced similar problems, let´s unite or
energy and do something about it!! I would like to quote all answers received to
my post, on my blog and in the papers I will address. Thank you all!!!

Please download the following text in your language and use a sticker like this on each letter you send! Only if we unite or energy we can ensure an improved mail delivery! Do not be afraid! It is our constitutional right to fight for this! Contact me for the word or pdf version, where you have the text several times on a page for easier use.


Vă rugăm să nu ne mai violați corespondența.

Livrarea plicurilor în siguranță nu este un

privilegiu, este un drept. Noi ne bazăm pe

serviciile dumneavoastră și dumneavoastră aveți

îndatorirea morală să îndepliniți acest serviciu

într-o manieră care sa dea dovada de respect,

atât față de noi, beneficiarii corespondenței, cât

și față de dumneavoastra înșivă. Nu învinuiți

mereu transportul și eventualele rateuri ale

mașinăriilor de sortat, mai ales atunci cand nu

sunt ele cauza plicurilor deteriorate. NOI NU

TRIMITEM BANI, nici bombe nici alte valori

materiale. Trimitem mici obiecte de artă create

cu mâinile noastre și multă muncă. Sa lăsăm

deci în urmă sistemul învechit de

percheziționare a corespondenței. Plătim pentru

serviciul poștal și avem încredere. Așteptăm în

aceeași măsură fiabilitate din partea

dumneavoastră. Vă mulțumim.


Please do not damage our mail anymore. A safe mail delivery is not a privilege, but a mere RIGHT. We rely on your services and you have a moral duty to go about this with respect! Both towards us, the mail senders and receivers, but also towards yourselves. Do not always blame the transport or the machine errors for the damaged mail. Especially when these are not the causes for the envelopes reaching their destinations or us in shreds. We do not send any money, nor bombs, nor other items with a high material value. What we send are small art objects we craft with our own hands and lots of work. We are paying for the mail services and WE TRUST YOU. In exchange for our trust, we expect fiability from your side. Thank you.


Wir bitten inständig darum, dass unsere Post nicht mehr
beschädigt wird. Eine sichere Zustellung der Briefe ist
keinesfalls ein Privileg, sondern unser RECHT. WIR
verlassen uns auf Ihre Dienstleistung und SIE haben die
moralische Pflicht dieser Aktivität außer gründlich, auch
mit Respekt nachzugehen, sowohl uns, den Sendern und
Empfängern, als auch Ihnen selbst gegenüber. Geben Sie
nicht dem Transport oder den fehlerhaften
Sortiermaschinen die Schuld für die zerfetzten Umschläge.
Wir versenden nämlich kein Geld, keine Bomben und auch
keine Dinge von großem materiellen Wert. Es sind unsere
kleinen Kunstwerke, die wir mit der Welt teilen,
selbstgebastelte Stücke die viel Zeit und Arbeit in
Anspruch nehmen. Wir bezahlen ja schließlich auch für
diese Dienstleistung und dafür erwarten wir
Zuverlässigkeit von Ihrer Seite. Vielen Dank.

You can create a version in your own language and send it to me! I will add it here on the page and on my facebook. That would be highly appreciated! It will make you one of the top fighters of this action! Let's make this visible to the entire world!

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