Saturday, September 22, 2012

new viewcards bought today, September 22nd

As this weekend Sibiu is even more full of books (book festival) than usual, I went around and got myself several goodies XD And of course if I was already storming the book shops, I bought these beauties as well, enjoy :]

Balea Lac - an awesome skiing resort. On the lower right pic you can see the ice hotel :]

first row: 
left: the casino in Constanta at the Black Sea
center: the Large Square in Sibiu
right: the Athenaeum in Bucharest

second row:
left: the Putna monastery in Moldavia
right: the Bran Castle

first row:
left: The Large Square
center: a part of the Small Square
right: the Council Tower in the Small Square

second row:
left: Council Tower seen from the Large Square
center: the other part of the Small Square
right: the Evangelic Church

panorama view over Sibiu

Large Square
The Thalia Concert Hall
Small Square
Evangelic Church
and the Council Tower seen from the Small Square on the big pic

The Large Square

multiview pic of Sibiu - German version

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