Saturday, December 15, 2012

Full decos received September-December 2012

Dears, the past few months I have received many full decos back home :D Here I will show them all to you! A HUGE THANK YOU to all wonderful ladies who have signed a page (or more) :D I am very grateful to all of you!! So happy to have all these beauties back :D And now.. enjoyyyy!

"Twisted Disney Princesses" deco
made by myself

inside the deco:

"Vintage Family" art deco
made by myself

"Anime" art deco
made by Cyn in Holland <3

"Kitsune" art deco
made by myself

"Traditional Asian Music Instruments"
made by Ludmila in Jordan <3

"Black Animals" art deco
made by myself

"Kodomo no hi" art deco
made by Matilde in Portugal <3

"Hong Kong" art deco
made by Akemi in Japan <3

"Japanese Wedding" art deco
made by myself 

"Alexander Skarsgard" deco
made by myself

"Sakura" art deco
made by myself

"Hong Kong" deco
made by myself

"Japanese Women" art deco
made by myself

"Dita von Teese" deco
made by Kerstin in Austria

"Cat" deco
made by Miki in Poland


  1. You have received a lot, congrats hun!

    1. Thank you, dear! There are more, just need to take pics of the rest too, then I will upload them as well :]