Sunday, May 1, 2011

Luxembourg viewcards

Here are the Luxembourg viewcards in my collection, bought in 1999, during my one day trip there ;]

1. Grand Ducal Palace
2. Monument of Guillaume II
3. Panorama of the upper city

1. Notre Dame Cathedral
2. Central Administration Office
3. Grand Ducal Palace
4. Adolphe Bridge

1. Grand Ducal Palace
2. European Centre
3.Trois Glands
4. Paris Square

1. Notre Dame Cathedral
2. Notre Dame of Luxembourg
3. Presentation of Jesus
4. Cenotaph (honour grave) of Jean l'Aveugle in the abbey of Altmünster
5. Work of art by Daniel Müller

Notre Dame Cathedral, view on the organ

Notre Dame Cathedral

1. Notre Dame Cathedral
2. Monument of Great Duchess Charlotte
3. Clausen Church and Conference Center
4. Duc Adolphe Bridge
5. Lower city and old city

1. Blockhouses and Notre Dame Cathedral
2. Bank and Duc Adolphe Bridge
3. St. Jean sur la Pierre Church
4. Railway Bridge
5. Notre Dame Cathedral

Panorama - upper and lower city


  1. Hi!

    He he, I can see some of these views everyday when going to work:-))

  2. Cool :D Did I write everything correctly? I was translating from French, as the cards only had the French names for all things... So if I made any mistakes, feel free to correct me! <3

  3. Ja, echt schön! ich will dort mal hin!