Thursday, June 9, 2011

decos made and signed on June 8th

Yesterday I made some group swaps and also signed some decos, not many, but I wanted to share anyways ;]

entry in "Legendary celebrities" deco: Brandon Lee

entry in "Ruby Gloom" deco

entry in now full "Angels" deco for Korni K in Austria, finished via ODAH

"Letter S Anime" deco via AnimeDecoWorld

"Glee" deco for myself via celebrity_decos

entry in  "Kesha" deco

"Letter S Anime" deco for myself

entry in "Letter S Anime" art deco

entry in now full "Black & white" deco for Magda Z. in Poland, finished via ODAH

"Glee" deco via celebrity_decos


  1. They're all great...but if I had to choose, I'd say my fave is the Brandon Lee deco.

  2. thank you for taking a look, Sam :] That deco is one of my faves too! :] Brandon! <3