Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Romanian Bookmarks discovered recently ;]

I found these some days ago ;] they are produced and printed by the same company also in charge of the vintage viewcards of Romania, you'll notice it's the same design ;] I really like them a lot! Enjoy! I'm also uploading the newest of their viewcards too ;]

1: (front:) Parliament Place in Bucharest

(back): The Beer Carriage" - a famous pub in Bucharest

2: (back): The Large Square in my city Sibiu

(front): the Liars' Bridge in Sibiu

3 (back): Sighisoara, where the Medieval festival is held yearly.

4: (front): The Peles Castle in Sinaia, the former residence of the Royal Family and now in their possession again but functioning as a museum

(back): front view of the castle

5: (front): The Village Museum in Bucharest

(back): also the Village Museum

6: (front): The Black Church in Brasov

(back): the St. Nicholas church in Brasov

7: (back): The Bran Castle

(front): The Bran Castle

The Council Square in Brasov with the Town Hall


  1. Ce faine sunt semnele de carte! N-am vazut asa ceva pe aici. Chiar si vederi dragute gasesc rar, majoritatea sunt urate. :(

  2. da, sunt tare frumoase.. ma bucur ca se gasesc pe aici... si tot descopar chestii noi... Humanitasul are multe comori de genul asta!