Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Full decos received part 1

Here are some of the decos that I safely received home after several years of travel. Some really needed a lot of time to get full.. but I'm glad I have them ;] full fooklets are the best! A big thank you to all the ladies who made some for me!

"Black Cats" deco made for me by Zuzana B. from Austria in February 2006 (I received it today, June 8th). It was finished via the wonderful Yahoo! group ODAH!Thank you, ladies!

"Sexy Corsets" deco for me made by Elizabeth E. in the US via my old group sexy_anime_fantasia in July 2005
I received it on May 30th 2011.

"Autumn" deco made for me by Bianca R. in Germany via wonderful-swapping in September 2004.
It was returned via ODAH.

"CSI Series" deco made for me by Nadine W. in Germany via FamousDecoSwapper in November 2005

"Gothic" deco made for me by Karin F. in Austria as a thank you deco. No date, unfortunately, but I guess it was 2004 or 2005.

"Unthemed but dark" deco made for me by Anja G. in Germany via DarkFantasyDecos in May 2005

"Unthemed" deco 4+by myself, made in March 2005 via fun_swapper

"I Love..." deco made for me Pia K. in Denmark in May 2006 as a thank you deco

"Movies with Renée Zellweger" deco 4+by myself, made in March 2006 via ElegantDecos

"CSI Series" deco made for me by Hilda H. in Germany via Famous_deco_swapper in November 2005.
Returned via ODAH

"Anime Fairies" deco made for me by Mystica L. in the US. Made probably in 2006.
Returned via ODAH

"Flowers" deco 4+by myself, made via Famous_deco_swapper in January 2005

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